Instant Glow Peel-off mask feat. Everyuth

My life is quite fast paced. My busy schedule doesn’t allow me to opt regular skincare routine. I hate spending hours and hours in salon pampering my skin to get that even tone on face. Phew!! How difficult it is to get that natural glow on your skin. However that was the case till I found Everyuth’s Golden glow peel-off in my life.
The skin transformation was surreal for me with it’s first application . And this peel-off has been a total savior for me during those occasions when my face required an instant glow.


  • Make sure  you tie your hairs back so that it doesn’t ruin your mask and hair both when it’s wet.
  • The application is super easy. Take a generous amount of peel-off on your palms and start applying it on your face in the downward directions.
  • Apply a thick layer of mask so that once it gets dry it will be easier for you to peel it off.
  • Now wait for 15 minutes till the mask dries and then peel it off from the downward direction as this can help you to remove facial hairs to some extent.


  • Contains orange peel extract that helps  removing dead skin cells.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Can easily fit into your makeup bag so that you can prep your skin with this mask anywhere you want to.
  • It has runny texture that allows the mask to spread evenly on the face.
  • Suitable for almost all skin types.
  • Contains collagenine boosters which stimulates the production of collagen that helps to reduce the dullness of the skin.


  • The only fact that I dislike this product is that it contains parabens.


I would rate this product 4/5 and would love to repurchase it as it’s instant glow feature is essential for me during those days when I am running out of time.
Let me know your thoughts about this mask in the comments section below. Do share your experience with me if you have ever tried this peel-off or would like to give a try to this mask. Till then be happy and keep smiling.

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