Maharashtrian vibes!!!

Hey guys!! I am finally back with my new post. I know it’s been a quite long period that I didn’t post any new content on my blog. Sorry, for being disconnected with you for such a long time.

I have an endless love for Maharashtrian look and I am totally obsessed with this look. So this time, I thought to create a simple Maharashtrian look for you. In this post, I am wearing a traditional green border sari paired with mustard colored floral blouse.

When it comes to accessories, I love being minimalist as I believe “the lesser the better”. I believe Pearl jewelry are the best one’s to pair with when it comes to traditional outfit. So, I am styling this sari with a choker style pearl neck-piece and cute little pearl jhumkas. These have been my favorite pieces till now as I love how these statement pieces are embellished with bead shaped pearls and they just look perfect with this sari.

Trust me; I was never a fan of nose pin till I found this beautiful Maharashtrian nose pin which is called as nath. I totally adore this nose pin as it has the most unique design than any other nose ornament. For me, this nath is the most highlighting part of the look. And lastly a half moon shaped bindi which completes the entire look. I love how this deep red lipstick from Color bar’s ULTIMATE 8 HRS STAY LIPSTICK range in the shade “WILD CARD”looks amazing on my lips.

So this was my go-to Maharashtrian look. I hope you guys liked the look. Let me know your thoughts about this look in the comments section below. Till then be happy and see you until next time!!





14 thoughts on “Maharashtrian vibes!!!

  1. अपेक्षा जितकी सुंदर दिसतेयस तितकेच छान लिहिले आहेस. खूप छान. मराठमोळी पोरगी. मस्तच.

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