The Corporate Styling

I feel corporate look is a more kind of polished look. It is one such look which leaves an imprint of sophistication and elegance. A well fitted trouser with a shirt tucked in and those pencil skirts comprises typical work attire. Too boring for me if this gets repeated. Okay, what’s next then?

You definitely want to wear something that is stylish and yet balances the corporate look. So, this time I thought to ditch my trousers and picked culottes instead. I paired my culottes with this lovely mustard colored turtle neck top which I got from ZARA. Keeping corporate look in mind, I went absolutely minimum with makeup. And what’s better than a “no-makeup” look. I opted for a nude lipstick as it makes my lips look more natural and subtle.

No corporate look is complete without a handbag and I love how my handbag from ESBEDA maintains the style quotient. Lastly, don a classy watch with a perfect pair of block heels and voila! You are good to go.

So, this was my styling idea of corporate look. Hope you guys liked the look. Share your thoughts about this corporate look in the comments section below and do hit like if you liked the post. Until then keep smiling and stay happy.








Outfit details:

Culottes                –              H&M

Top                        –              ZARA

Heels                     –             Catwalk

Watch                   –              Fasttrack

Handbag              –              ESBEDA


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