How to style Boyfriend fashion ft. H&M

The very first time when I heard about “Boyfriend fashion”, I felt very fascinating like what exactly it could be ? how to create this look ? how to rock this look ? And, I’m sure these questions would pop in your mind too. If you think that “Boyfriend fashion” has something to go with your boyfriend then perhaps you guessed it right though. Imagine, stealing your boyfriend’s clothes and slaying all the day. Isn’t that cool ? God, it would be so much fun.  But boyfriend fashion doesn’t necessarily mean to borrow your friend’s clothes. Boyfriend fashion is an easy breezy casual look and I think it is one of the coolest fashion trends that I have come across.

Styling a boyfriend fashion is super easy. The only key thing that you need to keep in mind is to balance the proportion. By that I mean, if you are wearing a loose top then make sure you team it up with a bottoms like skinny denim or hot pants. This goes vice versa as well, so if you are wearing boyfriend jeans then make sure you pair it with a well-fitted top/t-shirt. Remember, loose on loose is a big no-no. I opted the first option and thought to create a boyfriend fashion look.

I got this super cool baggy t-shirt from H&M and paired it with pink hot pants which is from H&M as well. I love this tee as it has a very cute pink heart and fringe detailing over it. I wanted to give a hint of pink to this look so I donned my outfit with pink sneakers and a pink cap which I got from Globus.

So, this is how I created a simple easy casual look with my boyfriend t-shirt. I hope you guys liked my first so ever unconventional casual look. Drop your comments about this look in the comment section below and do hit like if you liked my post. Keep smiling, stay happy and see you until next time!

















4 thoughts on “How to style Boyfriend fashion ft. H&M

  1. Impressive!! I am gonna try this style for sure 🙂
    Thank for sharing this post my dear..its very nice,I loved it n I Luv u too. Best luck !!


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